Geodigraph Hub

Project management, collaboration, business management, time collection, cooperative governance. Geodigraph Hub brings humanity into focus for functional communities.

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Geodigraph Model

Drone imagery orthorectification. Mapping. Vector layers. GIS. Geodigraph Model makes geographic data visualization and browsing intuitive, without exhorbitant costs.

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Geodigraph Field

Intuitive Android®-based geographic data collection in true 3D. Collect ground points in the unmatched fidelity of EC-EF coordinates. Fully integrated with Hub and Model. Coming Soon.

Geodigraph Data

Can't gather the data and imagery yourself? Allow Geodigraph's team of GIS professionals to gather it for you, with rapid digital delivery and transparent project management.

Community Inclusion
with seamless ease.

Geodigraph Software makes it all possible.

Drone Imagery

With Geodigraph Model, high-res drone imagery can be visualized on an interactive map.

Vector Layers

Import and overlay vector layers for land parcel management and geographic asset tracking.


Community Engagement

Manage projects. Vote on resolutions. Engage with your community.

Agile Methodology

Our simplified Kanban board doesn't require a project management degree to use.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of experts are here to help.

John Willis

An eighteen-year software development veteran, John architects the code for all Geodigraph Software products.

Anthony Gutierrez

As the president of Geodigraph Software, Anthony brings decades of land surveying and geodetic experience to the Geodigraph team.

Joseph Bekken

A highly qualified project manager, Joseph helps us refine workflows in Geodigraph's products.

Our team is always available to our clients! Please feel free to contact us at any of the above social media links.

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